Promo Videos for Match Pewter 1995 / Brescia, Italy 2017

Promo Video for DeLorenzo Gallery / The Salon + Art Design / New York, USA 2017

Apolion / Music Video featuring Quidam Pilgrim / Havana, Cuba 2011

My Heart Goes… / Music Video featuring Giselle / New Jersey, USA 2015

Siempre Latino / Music Video featuring Gerardo Contino / Produced by Colorbox Studios / New York, USA 2013

Hazy Eyes / Music Video featuring Giselle / New Jersey, USA 2015


Big Data

Spin Full Disclosure web series / Produced by: Spin, StubHub, The Wild Honey Pie / Directed by: Monica Palmieri / Published on Jul 8 & Jul 23, 2015
In Full Disclosure, SPIN sits down with today's best new artists as they tell their most insane, out-there stories from past tours. Through live interview footage cut with custom animation illustrating each story, this partnership video series between SPIN and StubHub gives the inside scoop on the weirdest, wildest and most ridiculous tales from the road.

Promo Videos for Youtube. Produced by Olives from Spain, Colorbox Studios / NY 2013