I'm a cinematographer& photographer

...living between New York and Havana


I learned things in these places

schools and workshops

2011: B.A. in Communications. Profile: Cinematography. Faculty of Media and Audiovisual. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana. Cuba

2011: Tisch Havana Documentary Video Production Program. Tisch School Of The Arts from New York NYU & Ludwig Foundation

2008-2010: Cinematography Workshops at EICTV. Escuela International de Cine y Television. San Antonio de los Baños. Cuba

2012: Fellowship at 58TH Flaherty Film Seminar. Colgate University. Hamilton. USA

2001-2004: Dramatists Studies. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana. Cuba

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Shooting documentaries...

...is one of my biggest passions

I do these things in my
free time

cinematographer Documentaries

2018: Cuban Food Stories. Feature Documentary. 4K. Color. 82" selected festivals: Berlinale Kino / FICG / Miami / Seattle / Newport
2018: Meeting Jim. Feature Documentary. 4K. Color. 75"
selected festivals: Edinburgh / SEMINCI / HOF
2018: Call me Lucky. Feature Documentary 4K. Color
2016: Garage Rendevouz. Feature Documentary. 2.5K. Color. 66"
2015: Me, Japanese. Feature Documentary. HD. Color 2014: Interview with Harry Belafonte. Mokongo Productions
2011: Romper el Hielo. HDV. Color/B&W. 22"
2010: Habana Invisible (Raudel episode). Doc Series for TV. HD. Color. 13"
2009: Domingo. MiniDV. B&W. 13"
2008: El bosque de Sherwood. HDV. Color. 10"
2008: Queridos amiguitos. HDV. Color. 13"

cinematographer Promos, Music Videos & Short Films

2018: Promo Videos (3) for Match Pewter 1995
2018: Promo video for DeLorenzo Gallery at The Salon + Art Design NYC
2018: Documenting Video for Kate Miller on Once Broken art installation piece
2016: Hazy Eyes. Music Video feat. Giselle. 4K. Color
2016: My Heart Goes… Music Video feat. Giselle. 4K. Color. 4’37”
2016: The Get Over it Guru. Short Film. 4K. Color. 21"
2015: Small Talk. Short Film. HD. Color. Selected Festivals: Chelsea Film Festival / Icaro
2015: Meet me Here. Short Film. HD. Color. 9"
2015: SPIN Full Disclosure. Episodes: Cult / Big Data. Prod. by SPIN and StubHub. HD. Color
2015: Buzz Sessions: Jonas Alaska / San Fermin. Prod. by The Wild Honey Pie. HD. Color
2015: Fantasy. Music Video feat. 3D Rhythm of Life. HD Color. 4"
2015: LUV. Music Video feat. Glenda del E. HD. Color. 4.10"
2014: Promos Videos (3) for Olive from Spain feat. Chef Seamus Mullen. HD. Color
2013: Siempre Latino. Music Video feat. Gerardo Contino. HD. 4.18"
2012: Apollyon. Music Video feat. Quidam Pilgrim. HD. Color. 4.30"
2011: Marta. Short Film. HD. Color. 25"
2009: Movimiento Perpetuo. Short Film. HDV Color. 15"
2009: C A S I. Short Film. HDV Color. 5"
2011: Concert & DVD feat. Haydée Milanés. Theater Chaplin
2009: Concert feat. Chucho Valdés & Buika. Theater Amadeo Roldán
2008: El deseo. Short Film. HDV. Color. 14"

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Shooting fiction

... promotional and music videos

shooting Small Talk.jpg

Behind the scenes...

...outdoor winter can be rough


Other roles...

...can be fun and challenging

2018: Photography for The Grand Concourse. Music Album Boook for Dayramir Gonzalez
2017/2019: Photography for Lifestyle & Real State. REA Real State Arts Collective 2016/2017: Photography for Havana Guidebooks. Airbnb
2008/12: Photographer for TABLAS magazine and TABLAS ALARCOS website 2011: Photography for posters (3) of Abelardo Estorino's theater trilogy, perf. by Teatro de Dos
2011: Photography for the Theater Catalog Jon Fosse’s Trilogy
2011: Photography for the scenery of the theatre play Variaciones sobre la muerte
2010: Cover and photographs for Theater der Zeit (german theatre magazine)
2009: Photography for Poster of film La Piscina
2005: Si no fuera por el cuerpo. Photography Exhibition. La Chiva de la Floresta event. Quito, Ecuador
2005: IV Contemporary Art Salon Waldo Luis Rodríguez. Photography Mention. Gallery Yara, Cuba

camera assistance & focus puller

2018: Promo for Victoria Beer. Cortez Brothers
2016-2019: Photographer Assistant for Ellen Silverman (Lifestyle and food content) in NYC
2014: Semper Fidel. Feature. HD. Color. USA. 90"
2011: El sofá de La Habana. Feature Documentary. HD. Color. France-Cuba. 55"

still (wo)man

2012/13: Ford / Dunkin' Donuts / Fresh from Florida. Promos. Kreative Kontent. USA
2011: Mila Caos. Short Film. 16mm. Color. 25''. Cuba-Germany
2009: La piscina. Feature Film. CineAlta. Color. 65''. Cuba-Venezuela
2007: El tío Facundo. Medium Length Film. HD. Color. 30''. Mexico-Cuba
2007: Vedado. Feature Film. DVC-Pro 24P. Color. 84''. Cuba

academic experience

2012: Coordinator of the Cinematography Department EICTV Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television. San Antonio de los Baños. Cuba

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always behind the camera

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